Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm in LOVE...with Vampire Books! how about you?

It started a few months ago. I heard my boss talking about the Twilight book and how much she loved it. I don't really like watching much TV and I didn't have Internet at the time (no cash) so I needed something to do. I went out that night and bought the first Twilight saga book and just like that....I was hooked! Ive read all four books three times now and can't wait for the next movie to come out. After reading those books, I knew that was the kinda stuff I like reading. I mean, I live real life all day, so why would I spend my time reading about something I'm already experiencing. I want danger, sex, humor! And that's what I found from the vampire books I read. especially the next series I started, The True Blood Books! They can definitely get X rated and they are so funny. After I finished those I moved on to The Generation Dead books, which rock! Then I started a series called The Wereling. Now I'm on the second book of The Vampire Academy books. That's where I heard the term Shadow Kissed. I means when you've been kissed by the shadows, or come back from death. That's how I feel about my books. They take my mind to this dark, sexy place where I can get away and relax. I'm crazy about vampires, zombies, Were's, and magic! I'm looking for people that love these books too. Someone that wants to read along with me, and dicuss them. Let me know if thats you!

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