Monday, October 3, 2011

The Gargoyle....Inferno for our time?

In this extraordinary debut novel by Andrew Davidson, love survives the fires of hell and transcends the boundaries of time. The narrator of The Gargoyle is very physically beautiful and sexually apt and a cynic on life. Working in the porn industry the book opens as the narrator is reflecting on life and crashes in a ravine, which causes him to suffer burns over most of his body. Davidson describes this man's journey in the burn unit in great detail, and the story becomes gory and heartbreaking. His pain is so true and honest that you cant help but be captivated. Just when the narrator starts planning how he is going to commit suicide upon his release from the hospital a strange woman shows up and insist they were once lovers. During his recovery she takes care of him and tells him story's of love. Slowly reviling the secret of their past she gains his heart and shows him a love he has never known. Now no longer physically beautiful, he becomes beautiful on the inside and able to show love for the first time in his life. In The Gargoyle, love never ends!

If you are looking for a quick easy read don't start this book. It can be very emotionally draining but it is also beautifully heartbreaking at the same time!

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The Gargyole by Andrew Davidson is the product of seven years worth of research. The first letter of every chapter spells out "All things in a single book Bound by love," which comes from Dante's Paradiso that says, "all things in a single volume bound by love." The last letter of every chapter spells out DIE LIEBE IST STARK WIE DER TOD, MARIANNE," meaning "Love is as strong as death."

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I would recommend this novel to romance readers and lovers of historical fictions! I would suggest Angelology, by Danielle Trussoni or The Glimmer Palace, by Beatrice Colin.

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