Thursday, November 10, 2011

"All About the Buttons" Interview and Bookmark Giveaway!


*Squeal Moment!* I'm excited to welcome Barbra La Bosco from "All About The Buttons" who has been gracious enough to do an interview and let us check out some of her amazingly crafty items! After the interview please keep reading for a giveaway of one of her cute and trendy magnetic bookmarks!

1. I want to say a big THANK YOU for stopping by Shadow Kisses book blog and allowing us all to check out your great items. Tell us a Little about your Online Store, All About The Buttons?

I Love Crosswords Magnetic Bookmark
My original business name was Closings since buttons close things but as embellishments they don’t, so I changed it to All About The Buttons. I found myself being attracted to clothing and home décor that featured terrific buttons and they had been a childhood passion. We all experienced grandma’s tin of cast off buttons, right? Well, I had my grandmother’s and my mother’s and hated that they were sitting unused. I started by featuring them on pins and barrettes and it grew to the eclectic selection I have now. Typically, family and friends said “Sell them!” but I think they were just over run with my ‘gifts’! I had sold to several retail outlets and at work but the refinement of the Internet allowed me to showcase them there. After 6 years, it honestly is still a thrill when someone chooses to shop with me. My goal is to make what I love and share it.

Brown Tweed Scarflette
2. Where did you learn your crafty skills?

I’m not patting myself on the back, but I always had the need to create and a bit of talent. I taught myself to knit at age 8 by watching my mother and learned needlepoint and crochet at 10 from my grandmother. My father was a leather designer of purses, belts and wallets so I was immersed through his profession and early on learned the value of handmade. I was an art major in college but the focus on painting turned me off so I pursued crafty stuff on my own.

3. What would you say is your most popular items?

The wind changes often! My magnetic bookmarks are very popular as are the hand warmers and wash/dish cloths. My tape measures had a sold out start and the clocks have spurts! I have teamed with another crafter and we make custom clocks with shop logos and themes.
Triple Handwarmers Fingerless

4. What are your favorite items to make?

I can knit, crochet and embroider anyplace so I love the portability and taking something raw to something useful. I love making the clocks and using so many different materials. If I don’t love the item, I make mistakes and get easily put off so I have to say they’re all my favorites! Kind of like having to pick a favorite child…I can’t!

5. Where do you get the inspiration for your great ideas?

Tough question! Yarn and buttons always inspire me. Not wasting is an inspiration like using old CDs. I saved them for years thinking there must be something I can do with them. Finally, about 4 years ago, the CD clock idea was born. I love to repurpose, recycle, and reinvent.

Natural Button Bobby Pins
6. Why buttons?

 They, too, are often discarded. I love to modify their original intent and highlight their beauty. My favorite pins are just one or 2 special buttons. They can stand alone. To me, they are like potato chips….can’t stop!

7. I imagine you must have a good collection of buttons by now, where do you pick up the fabric and buttons for your creations?

 I rarely buy buttons anymore because I have so many. But a good display at a flea market will draw me in. If I am doing a specific themed clock, I may purchase some new ones. As for fabric, I recently learned about fat quarters and I have several master sewing friends who will often toss me some scraps. I don’t need much. Friends will also supply me with buttons and old jewelry pieces. It’s particularly fun to take what they’ve donated and turn the materials into a pin for them.

Multi Colored Black Hat Cap
8. As a fellow book lover, what are some of your favorites?

 Pat Conroy is a special favorite. His writing is lyrical and “Beach Music” is a longstanding favorite. I find that lately I’m reading lighter novels. The world is so crazy and tense that I love to escape to a warm and fun place like those of Adriana Trigiani or Haywood Smith. I don’t read sci-fi or historic fiction earlier than the 1900s. I like, no, love to laugh and that’s what I’ve been seeking out lately. A newer favorite was “The Help”.

9. Tell us about your bookmarks?

NonCaring Upcycled CDClock
Well, any serious reader knows NOT to turn down a page. I always used a bookmark and started by making some out of ribbon and buttons but they, like others, might slip out. Several were featured in a book called “Button!Button!”… a proud moment. The magnetic bookmark was born through a great deal of trial and many errors but I have it down pat now. Making them also feeds into my love of paper so the themes can be so varied. Another proud moment was when I was asked to make 20+ bookmarks for a team walking in a Susan G. Komen breast cancer event. I found the pink ribbon on paper and was thrilled to make them.

10. Is there anything else you would like the readers to know?

Felted Star Brooch
I am in this business for the love of creating. I’ve always been a huge supporter of handmade items as my family instilled that value early on. I am fortunate now to have the time and space to give this my full attention. It’s more than a hobby or a business for me. It’s a fulfilling need and love. The bonus is meeting fellow crafters and making wonderful friends along the way.

Bookmark Giveaway!

Now for the Goodies! "All About The Buttons" is giving away one free magnetic bookmark of your choice! These bookmarks are fabulous and with many different designs, I'm sure you will find one you like :) Magnetic bookmarks hold a page securely and don't fall out and the paper has been laminated for durability. The giveaway is open to everyone so fill out the raffle and remember to stop by "All About The Buttons" and leave a comment on this post telling what your favorite item is!

My fav is the Black Tie Necklace! How cute is this? :) 
Black Tie Necklace

You know the drill! Fill out the Raffle and Good Luck!


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