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Author Interview with Patricia Lynne and Being Human Giveaway!

The fabulous author, Patricia Lynne has been kind enough to do an interview and giveaway of her new YA Vampire tale, Being Human! Below is my review of the book but be sure to keep reading for the interview and raffle for the giveaway!

Title: Being Human
Author: Patricia Lynne
Publisher: CreateSpace
Date Published: September 8, 2011
Genre(s): Paranormal, YA, Fantasy
My Rating:

Goodreads Synopsis: For Tommy, there is only one thing he needs to do: survive.

Only surviving isn't that easy. The hunt for blood can be tricky when humans know to fear the night. Desire sits on the edge of his mind, urging him to become the monster humans think he is. Vampire Forces, a special branch of police, is determined to turn every vampire to ash. Tommy included.
The only human Tommy can trust is his twin brother. A bond connects them, and with Danny's help, Tommy starts to understand the human world he struggles to survive in. He'll learn what friendships means and feel the sting of betrayal, find that sometimes the worst monsters are very human, and come to understand that family means more than blood.
Tommy just wants to survive and he knows what he needs to do. But with the number of humans that mean more to him than a meal growing, he'll learn there's more to life than simple survival. He'll discover being human doesn't mean being a human.

In this truly original tell of vampires, society and the bonds of family, you will find everything you’re looking for in a great novel! Just as our narrator, Tommy, has a hard time understanding why humans do what they do, I’m having a hard time sorting out my emotions after reading Being Human. This is one of those stores that makes you step back and think. The main character that the story follows is so well written and truthful that I have a strong suspicion the author must have been turned into a vampire herself. Tommy went through so much confusion in his years spent learning how to be human again after forgetting everything he knew from his human life, and being left only instincts and one thought…Survive! As you watch him understand and grow you get a first row seat on the inner workings of what love really means and the power of family bonds. This story tugged on my heart strings when Tommy would do something sweet (even if he didn’t understand why) and made me laugh when he would try to understand the complexity of human emotions (which I don’t think even us humans understand). It’s so refreshing to read about a different kind of love and get a whole new take on the vampire’s genre. First person narrative is always one of my least favorite POV’s and runs the risk of being read like a little girl’s diary but Lynne did a wonderful job of keeping me interested and an even better job of making the story line flow. Even if you don’t like vampire stories I hope you will give this book a shot, and promise you won’t be let down!
Keep reading for an interview by the Author and Giveaway!
1. Thank you for stopping by Shadow Kisses Book Blog! First off, how has your week been?
Thanks for having me. My week’s been pretty good. Clicking away at the keyboard, finally restarting the sequel to Being Human. Started it a few months ago, but ended up putting it aside to finish another project. I have a real bad habit of not finishing stories in favor of starting a new one.

2. Tell us about some of your most recent work?

Being Human is my debut novel. I love vampires and reading stories about them, but they all seemed to be the same. Good guy vampires that didn’t kill or bad guy vampires with superiority complexes. I wanted something a little different, a vampire that was a good guy but wasn’t, for lack of better term, a wussy.

3. Where do the ideas for your stories come from?

Some stories come out of nowhere, others a movie or TV show. A lot actually come from other books. There’s some element in the story that makes me wonder, “What if this happened?” It grows from there. Being Human grew from me reading Thirsty by MT Anderson. The end had me wondering, “What happens next?”

4. Why Vampires?

No idea. I honestly can’t say what about vampires are so fun for me to write about. Those are us the creatures that come to me the most.

5. Have you ever had any paranormal experiences of your own?

Closest is one morning at my parents’ house, I woke up and saw a strange face looking at me. I threw the covers over my head and closed my eyes. When I finally looked, no one was there.

6. What's the best part of being an author?

Creating new worlds and stories to spin.

7. What's the worst?

Creating new worlds and stories to spin. ;) Sometimes the ideas overflow and I want to shut them off and other times, the ideas feel dried up when all I want to do is write.

8. What's a mistake you made that you wish you hadn't, but are glad you were able to learn from?

Print formatting. The paperback of Being Human has no page numbers. My cover artist did the spine and back and by the time I realized there were no page numbers, I was having difficulties with the cover being printed that I didn’t want to mess with it.

9. I love the cover art! How did that come about?

Another author I follow on twitter had links to the woman who did her cover art, Keary Taylor. Her stuff looked amazing and was really affordable, so I contacted Keary and told her my idea. First, I wanted a vampire-looking guy and in his eye see him as a human, but both Keary and I agreed that the eye wouldn’t be big enough for that. She found the image of a face with heavy shadow on one side, chopped it in half so she could place one half along each edge and PRESTO! There wasn’t a whole lot more she had to do to it. Well, we gave the guy a shave and changed his eye color, but that was it. She had it done in about a day. When I saw the mock up, I promptly spazzed out. I don’t think I’ve met one person who hasn’t loved the cover.

10. In your book, Being Human, Tommy and his brother have a strong bond. Do you have a sibling yourself?

I have three. One older brother, an older sister and a younger sister. No unusual bonds between us though. We’re pretty normal siblings.

11. Do you have any musical muses while writing your books?

I can’t listen to music, the words distract me. A few songs help me visual scenes, but I didn’t listen while writing.

12. What message from your books do you want to convey to your readers?

When I started writing the story, I just wanted to write something different, but as I went along, it started to change a little. I realized I wanted to show people other love. Almost every book has romantic love, but there is other love too and I wanted to focus on that other love. It’s why I made Tommy unafraid to tell his brother, I love you. Something we don’t always tell our friends and family often. It’s okay to say it and not embarrassing at all.

13. What is an interesting quirk you have?

When I’m writing, I get obsessive about chapter lengths. They have to be almost the exact same length or it drives me nuts. I have a four part series and in the first three parts, point of view switched every two chapters and at the end, every other chapter. The last part, I had to switch to the first part’s main character’s point of view for a few paragraphs and it drives me nuts thinking about it. I won’t change it, but it rubs at me.

14. Who are your literary heroes?

Heather Brewer, author of Chronicles of Vladimir Todd. I just love her writing. I follow her on twitter and she seems like such an awesome and kind person. She inspires me to keep at it.

15. If you could pick, would you want to live in the real world or one of the worlds in your books?

That’s tricky because it would be awesome if certain creatures were real, but I don’t think I’d want to live in a world with vampires like Tommy. I’d be easy prey.

16. If you could turn into any creature of the night what would it be?

Vampire, mostly because the fangs just look cool. ^^;;

17. What is your next project?

I have a few finished works that need editing. One is another vampire story, but with a different twist on vampires. I’m also working on writing the sequel to Being Human which is called Being Vampire. It’s not from Tommy’s POV, but he will make an appearance. It is also different from Being Human in humans no longer believe in vampires. That’s something I have never seen done. Vampires have come out of hiding in stories, some have wanted to go back into hiding, but I’ve never read one where the vampires came out to humans and then later reverted back into being a myth.

18. Is there anything else you would like to let the readers know?

You guys rock. Thanks for reading my books, my blog, following me on twitter and facebook. I can’t wait for you to read my next stories.


I hope everyone liked the interview! Now for some goodies :) Author Patricia Lynne has been nice enough to offer an eBook copy of Being Human to 2 lucky winners PLUS winners will receive a signed bookmark via snail mail. Giveaway is open to everyone so you don't have to be a follower but as always it is much appreciated :) Winners will receive a smashwords coupon code so you can download the book in the format of your choice, and please allow a few weeks for shipping to receive your signed bookmark.
Feel out the raffle and good luck


Ashlyn_Jai said...

Great interview!! The book sounds great! Thanks for the giveaway!

Patricia Lynne said...

Thanks for reading my book and the rocking interview. I had a squee moment when I saw the link. ^_^

Jennifer Messerschmidt said...

Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! I love vampires and fangs always look awesome! Can't wait to read it!

Chani Lynn Feener said...

This sounds like a really interesting story! Great giveaway idea :)

Penelope Plessas said...

awesome giveaway! thanks :D

Jennifer said...

Great interview. Sounds like a great book.

IdentitySeeker said...

This sounds like a really good read. I'd initially been attracted by the title which reminded me of a TV show by that title with werewolves and vampires - it was recently recommended by my friend to me.


Patricia Lynne said...

@IdentitySeeker, yeah, I get that a lot. Usually from someone concerned about the similar titles, and I assure them it's fine. Go to amazon and you see a lot of books, movies, TV shows with the exact same title. There's only vampires in my Being Human though. =)

Isolabella said...

Its funny when I read about the cover creation, I had to go back and closely inspected. I didn't realize it was half of his face. It's a cool cover.

Patricia Lynne said...

Thanks Isolabella, Out of the whole self publishing experience, cover creation was by far my favorite.