Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dirty Little Secret Meme

Dirty Little Secret is a weekly meme hosted by Under the Covers. Every Thursday they get to know other bloggers and readers more intimately by asking them a question hoping to reveal their dirty little secrets.

"Which paranormal creature do you wish would "come out of the closet" and reveal themselves to the real world?"

Oh gosh I don't know if I can pick just one! I think I would have to go with shifters. There is just something sexy about their animal like instincts, and it would be incredible to watch one shift. Could you imagine having a sexy shifter boyfriend. Someone grabs your ass in a bar and Bam! Your boyfriend wolfs out and kicks his perverted ass.......Maybe he would let me ride on him.....running through the forest.....can you say Awesome!


Under the Covers said...

*high five* Yes!! shifters are awesome!!


Madame D said...

Yeah it would be cool - especially the riding him in the forest part ;)