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Review: Red Winter by Clark Hays

Title: Red Winter
Author: Clark Hays
Series: The Cowboy and the Vampire
Publisher: Pumpjack Press
Date Published: August 13th 2011
Genre(s): Paranormal, Western
My Rating:

Goodreads Synopsis: Sheriff Early Hardiman has seen a lot of bad things in his life, but nothing could have prepared him for the first Vampire to visit the Old West. It’s 1890 and winter is closing like a noose around tiny LonePine, Wyoming. When the snows come and the train stops and the passes are buried, there’s only one way to leave LonePine — boots up in a pine box. For Sheriff Hardiman, once one of the fastest guns in the West, it’s another four months of watching over the foolish and the foolhardy and praying for spring. At least he has the lovely Miss Grace, his new wife and former madam of the infamous Pearl, to keep him company. Then a murderer turns up out of the cold and dark. People are being killed and not in the usual way, either — they are dying hard, tortured and drained of their blood. Worse, it appears Miss Grace may be next on their list.

Fans of "The Cowboy and the Vampire" know that LonePine will see its share of Vampires in another 120 years. But in 1890, no one had yet imagined the kind of terror Jericho Whistler brings with him to Wyoming when he hunkers down for a long winter of feasting on humans.

Yes! A country western Vampire story! I live in the south so this caught my attention right away and I’m glad it did. Red Winter is a prequel novella to The Cowboy and the Vampire which I have yet to read but want too a.s.a.p :) The author has crafted this book in a way that it will resonate with old western and vampire lovers alike. With just the right amount of southern slang and western detail the book feels authentic to the time. Topped off with horses, guns, saloons, detailed gore, and a little romance you really can’t go wrong by choosing this book. I found myself loving the witty dialog between the characters and even laughed out loud at some spots. One problem I see with short books (novellas) is spacing the action at just the right time so that the climax isn’t right at the end, but Red Winter flows beautifully and kept me interested the whole time. A great quick read that leaves you ready for the next book!
I recommend this book to paranormal lovers who especially have a thing for vampires! If you liked this book I suggest trying "The Cowboy and the Vampire" by Clark Hays and his wife Kathleen McFall.

Here is a peek at this authors next book:

Goodreads Synopsis:
Reporter Lizzie Vaughan doesn't realize it, but she has 2,000 years of royal Vampiric blood coursing through her veins. Neither she nor Tucker, her cowboy lover, has any idea that Julius, the leader of the undead, has a diabolical plan to reign over darkness for all eternity--with Lizzie at his side.
Lizzie battles for her life--and her soul--as she and Tucker find themselves caught up in a vampire war, pursued by hordes of Julius' maniacal, bloodthirsty followers.
Who will be left standing when the sun rises?

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