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Bundle eBook Giveaway and Author Interview-Where Thy Dark Eye Glances

I would like to welcome the up and coming author Chani Lynn Feener, writer of the Dreamer Trilogy to Shadow Kisses Book Reviews! Chani has been kind enough to do an author interview and giveaway copies of her Novella, Where Thy Dark Eye Glances and new book All That We See Or Seem to Two lucky winners! Keep reading after my review for Chani's interview and your chance to enter in this amazing giveaway :)

Title: Where Thy Dark Eye Glances
Author: Chani Lynn Freener
Published: August 28th 2011
Genres: YA, Paranormal, Fantasy
My Rating:
Three hundred years ago Lily Bryg was someone else. Now, she's dealing with demons from the past in the form of ghosts, fairies, and even a dream stalker bent on convincing her they belong together. As a witch, Lily has an advantage. But that all changes when she's summoned back to the third realm she used to live in. And where she died.

With the help of a Shade, a tattoo artist, and her three best friends, Lily tries to escape the faeries out to get her, and the evil king who wants to make her his consort. Ronan will stop at nothing to have her back, and she'll stop at nothing to keep that from happening. Too bad her life isn't the only one on the line, and returning to Bevain might be the only way to save herself, and the world.

Where Thy Dark Eye Glances is a prequel Novella that I highly recommend to get a better understanding of the “Dreamer Trilogy” world. With Witches, Fairies, Ghosts, Demons, and other otherworldly creatures, this story has something for everyone. Lily is a Dreamer, a powerful witch who sees visions in her dreams. For the past few years she has been plagued by the nightmare that is Ronan. A terrifying tyrant from another realm who visits her in her dreams and wants to make Lily his bride, and will stop at nothing to make it happen (oh, did I mention he’s drop dead gorgeous?)
Lily lives in New York with her three best friends Ruarc, Brid, and Caer. But no one knows they are originally from Bevain, another realm where the supernatural is not just a myth and Kings and Queens still rule. The "Four" have been reincarnated but three hundred years ago they were powerful witches and had a few enemies’...enemies that are still out to get them.
Part of a prophecy that puts the fate of their original home in their hands, the friends realize they must do what’s right and travel back to their homeland if they want to save Belvain and stop Ronan from his evil plans.
Although the world Feener has created is interesting, the story can get a little confusing and has many facts about other realms and magical creatures. This is also one of the reasons I suggest reading this novella. Feener takes the time to introduce the main characters, give you a sense of their personality, teach you about their powers, introduce the villains and throw you into the action. My favorite parts of the book are the battle scenes. In some books battle scenes are too confusing or leave you unable to picture it. Feener does a great job of describing the action and writing a scene you can visualize.
Lily and her friends do not remember all of their past, or why they were reincarnated, but I’m along for the ride and can’t wait to see where the story takes me in the next book!
Both covers are beautiful but I absolutely LOVE the cover for Where Thy Dark Eye Glances! The eyes are so intriguing and the colors in the sky are breath taking :) I would give this cover an A+ The layout is also something you don't see often so it is a refreshing change from all the boring generic covers out there.
I recommend this book to YA and Fantasy lovers! If you like this book I would suggest trying The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.

Keep reading for an interview with the author and raffle for the giveaway!

About Chani
Chani is currently attending college up in Vermont as a Creative Writing major. She's very passionate about her characters, and loves to discuss them and her books with fans. For more information, like character bios and release dates, check out her blog.

She originally wrote the Dreamer trilogy when she was fifteen, and has begun to rewrite them. She openly admits to being torn between Larkin and Conall herself, and would easily fall for Ronan's charm.

1. Thank you for stopping by Shadow Kisses Book Blog! First off, how has your week been?
Really hectic actually. I just got on Thanksgiving break from college, so was busy trying to get all my work in and done on time. Thanks for asking

2. Tell us about some of your most recent work?
I’m currently writing the second book in the Dreamer Trilogy (or the Three Realm series). It’s the second time I’m rewriting it and I sort of decided to scrap the entire original book so it’s been crazy trying to figure out how much from the original really needs to be kept. The first book was rewritten about three times and I still want to scrap and start from scratch half the time. I’m also working on a short story for my other series, the Mirror Warriors, which is an adult Romance novel series. I felt bad for neglecting those characters so figured I’d do a short.

3. Where do the ideas for your stories come from?
The idea for the Three Realm series actually came to me in multiple dreams. After a while I just decided clearly this was a story that was trying to force its way out of me, and I started to write it. I was fifteen at the time and it was my first real serious writing project. The Mirror Warrior’s kind of just came to me. A lot of the time that’s how I get my ideas. I’ll just be sitting around doing something completely normal and it’ll just pop into my mind.

4. In your novella Where Thy Dark Eye Glances the “Four” consist of a Dreamer, a Stargazer, a Fortuneteller and a Warrior….If you could pick, which one would you be?
I would be the Dreamer. :) I’d like to think that if I woke up one day thrown into a strange situation where multiple evil kings and creepy fantasy creatures were after me I’d be able to keep a level head. I try not to throw too much of my self into her character, but sometimes in big moments a lot of what she say’s is probably what I would to. Then there are also aspects of her that are absolutely nothing like me. I just love how loyal she is.

5. In the book Lily gets a tattoo of her title “Dreamer”, Do you have any tattoos?
Actually, I have three, including that one. It probably sounds kind of lame, but I do. It’s the Celtic knot on the back of my neck with the words “An Aishlingeach” underneath it, which is Gaelic for, The Dreamer. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been working on this series for years now, so the characters have really grown on me. Also, the idea to use the Celtic knot as her symbol was because I wore that necklace every day for about five years. I wanted to incorporate that into my writing some how, and when the opportunity presented itself I took it. My other tattoos are of the dates 1990-2008 on my right wrist, and the words, “Integrity” and “Fortitude” on my left forearm with a fey symbol to deflect deceit between it. I’m hoping to get another one on my right foot this March, and it’s going to be the Walt Whitman line, “Whoever you are, I fear you are walking the walks of dreams.”

6. What's a mistake you made that you wish you hadn't, but are glad you were able to learn from?
A boy (isn’t it always?). However, like most relationships I was able to take a lot from it and learn that not everything had to be rushed. I take the time to get to know people now before I jump right in to dating them.

7. How did the idea for the cover art come about?
Well, for this cover I knew that I wanted to somehow incorporate eyes because of the title. I have an iPhone and there are so many different camera apps on it so I fiddled around with some of my photos and come up with the idea of having Lily at the top and Ronan at the bottom. For most of my other covers though, I get images from an artist on Deviant Art named Vandyla. She’s pretty good, and if you’re in to art you should really check out her work.

8. Do you have any musical muses while writing your books?
I have tons. I listen to almost all genres of music so really I play whatever I’m in the mood for at the time. I think for Where Thy Dark Eye Glances, I listened a lot to Mumford and Sons.

9. What message from your books do you want to convey to your readers?
I just remembered loving to read books about stuff that could probably never happen when I was younger. Those novels got me through a lot of tough times because it was somewhere I could escape from reality. I really want to be that for someone else, and be able to distract them long enough to take their mind off stress. With this series, I really hope readers will take away a sense of loyalty and fortitude. There are going to be a lot of complications in life where it feels like everything’s over, but there’s always a way to figure it out and get past it.

10. What is an interesting quirk you have?
Hmm… that’s hard. I guess one might be that while I’m writing, if I’m really into it, apparently I tuck my hair behind my ear subconsciously. My friends are always making fun of me for that because I hate having it tucked so I untuck it the second I notice only to tuck it again a few minutes later.

11. Who are your literary heroes?
Oh wow, I have a lot. I’ve been reading since I was 2 so… I guess, to pick a few, they would have to be: Nora Roberts, Edgar Allen Poe, Gena Showalter, Cormac McCarthy, Yann Martel, and Amelia Atwater Rhodes. I also really like that newish author Julie Kagawa. The one who writes the Iron Fey novels. She’s pretty spectacular. She also has a Cait Sith character in her books, and I have one in the trilogy so I thought that was kind of cool. I don’t usually see a lot of authors using them so it was awesome seeing one, besides the fact that Grimalkin is hilarious.

12. What is your next project?
I have three right now, the short story for the Mirror Warrior series, which should be out some time this week as free eBook, the second book in the Three Realm series, and the second book in the Mirror Warrior series. Book two in the Three Realm series focuses on Lily and her friends entering Sidhe to search for Ruarc’s niece. It also has a lot more romance the novella—maybe even the first book—because now she’s falling for someone else. It’s probably my favorite one in the series, to be honest, which is why I’m taking so much time to rewrite it.

13. Is there anything else you would like to let the readers know?
My blog has release dates for all my upcoming books, so if anyone is interested in knowing when they come out they should check out Tempestchani.blogspot.com. Information about giveaways, playlists and character bios are also up there, and I’m always open for questions. :) I’d also just like to thank everyone who gives the novella a chance and reads it. And thanks so much for taking the time to interview me. :)

All That We See Or Seem
Lily Bryg's just been sucked back into the realm where she was born. And where she died. Only problem is, that was well over three hundred years ago, and most of her memories of the place have disappeared. With an evil king out to make her his, and a prophecy looming over her head, can she and her friends find a way to stay alive and out of Ronan's clutches?

Dodging witches, demons, faeries, dragons, and much, much more, the Four are just beginning to realize that having power comes with a lot of responsibility. And sacrifice. But one question stands out among the rest, haunting Lily through out the nights and days. Should she fight Ronan and risk everything, or should she give up her freedom to the gorgeous, yet wicked, king in order to possibly save her friends?

Chani is giving away eBook copies of both Where Thy Dark Eye Glances and All That We See Or Seem to two lucky winners! Fill out the raffle for your chance to win! You are not required to follow me, but as always it is much appreciated! Have a Happy Holidays and good luck :)

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