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Review: Shapeshifting for the Win by Ellie Greene & Jacquline Garrera

Title: Shapeshifting for the Win
Author: Ellie Greene & Jacquline Garrera
Date Published: March 1st 2011
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens Press
Genres: YA, Paranormal Romance
My Rating: 
The three main worries on sixteen-year-old Brianna Mingan's mind are whether her alcoholic father will get up in time for work, how much her new boyfriend Connor Landon likes her, and whether a small mishap at Connor's house has infected her with lycanthropy.
Brianna wouldn't mind becoming a werewolf-if it weren't for the fact that Connor's parents are expert werewolf hunters. Facial hair and super strength? Totally cool. Death by silver bullet? Not so much.

To save Brianna's life, she and Connor seek the help of Connor's older brother, Evan, a medical researcher who rejected his family's hunting way of life. Despite Evan's suspiciously large store of knowledge about lycanthropy, he isn't able to prevent Brianna from being abducted by two rogue wolfmen looking for a female addition to their pack. Neither Brianna nor Connor is sure whether the greatest danger comes from the wolfish kidnappers or Mr. and Mrs. Landon, werewolf assassins.

Brianna can’t believe Connor (Mr. Gorgeous McHunkerson) wants to be with her, and Conner wants nothing more than to impress Brianna and earn a little make out session. So, when Brianna actually agrees to come over to his house, Connor wants everything to be perfect, only he doesn’t expect Brianna to be into the same mythical (well she thinks their mythical) creatures that his parents are hell bent on killing!
When Connor sees this as his easy way to impress her, he decides to show her his brothers secret box, which is filled with creepy stuff even Connor isn't sure about. After Brianna accidentally breaks open a jar containing red...."Ink" and gets her cut infected, everything goes downhill and starts a chain of events that leads to one pivotal moment.

I adored this book. Told in alternating first-person narration, this story slowly builds up to an ending you will be on the edge of your set in anticipation for!
The story takes place over a few days where you get to experience the process of Brianna’s transformation to "Wolf-Girl", her boyfriend’s struggle to protect her from his close minded parents, and a mad scientist acceptance with who he really is.
With some hot sexual tension between the main characters, you are sure to get turned on even though nothing really happens...which also makes it a suitable read for young adults. The story starts off slow but don’t let this mislead you. If you stick with it, you are sure to become interested within the first few chapters. I also loved the alternating narrations of the main characters. It allowed me to get in each characters head and see what their real concerns are and what they were planning to do next. It really makes up for the slower pace of the plot. Oh, did I mention the ending is awesome and leaves the story open for a sequel? Come on sequel!
I would honestly love to see a different cover and name for this book because I feel it just doesn't suit it. The name made me think there was going to be some kind of tournament or competition, and while the wolf girl on the cover is cute, I don’t feel she represents Brianna or what the book was about. I think a big message here was, don’t judge so quickly and don’t be afraid to be yourself...but the great thing about books is everyone has their own interpretation :)

I recommend this book to paranormal YA lovers.  If you liked this book I highly suggest Shiver by  ....and The Wereling Series which first sparked my love for werewolves :)

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