Monday, January 30, 2012

Review: Baby Teeth by Joshua Grover-David Patterson

Title: Baby Teeth
Author: Joshua Grover-David Patterson
Series: A Blood Calling Novelette
Genres: Paranormal, Vampire Horror
My Rating:

When a father discovers his newborn has been turned into a vampire, he’s forced to make a choice: Hide his child’s secret… or end his family line.

Baby Teeth was a delightfully creepy read! Not exactly for the faint of heart because some pretty gross events take place in this vampy tale.
A Father nervously waits while his wife is in labor, that is, until he hears the screaming. He instantly knows something is wrong and runs to his wife’s aid. There is his wife lying with pools of blood all around her and his child thrown on the floor. The doctor that was standing over his wife then sinks his teeth into her neck. After a fight, the doctors falls dead, dripping in blood, on top of the baby.
These are the events that he tries to explain to the court. Knowing some evil creature killed his wife he is left with nothing and no one who will believe him. His family and friends shun him and think him a murderer, so he is forced to move on. Before leaving town he digs up his child’s grave in a fit of well…insanity. To his astonishment the baby latches on to his finger and starts sucking. He’s alive, only not really.
Baby Teeth explains the struggle one father endures over the course of his life and his non aging vampire childs. Forever a newborn, He must decide if he should (or can) end his child’s life or if he should hide and protect him...after all…isn’t that what a father does?
Told in first person point of view you will really get in the head of this troubled father. Even though this is a short story a few fun secrets are revealed to make it a gripping quick read. While a very morbid and creepy story I was entertained by this authors different take on your classic vampire story and look forward to reading his book: Blood Calling.
This cover is a perfect fit to go with this story…I mean, how creepy is a bottle full of blood? I’m giving this cover an A.
I recommend this story to paranormal lovers with a thing for vampires! If you like this story I suggest trying Patterson’s other books like Blood Calling which is getting some good reviews on goodreads!


SarahS. said...

Sounds creepy, and looks creepy. That cover is very creepy.

Ed Hochhalter said...

A book about a vampire baby sprouting fangs instead of normal tooth is definitely interesting. I sure would like to read this book one of these days.