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Review: Witchful Thinking by H.P. Mallory~Out Today!

In honor of Witchful Thinking being released today (2/28/12) I thought I would post my review so all you paranormal lovers can go grab yourself a copy!

Title: Witchful Thinking
Author: H.P. Mallory
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 352
Published: Feb 2012 by Bantam
My Rating:
Jolie thinks she’s seen it all, but life continues to spring surprises. The latest shocker? She’s just been crowned Queen of the Underworld. Jolie may possess a rare gift for reanimating the dead, but she doesn’t know the first thing about governing disparate factions of supernatural creatures. She can barely maintain order in her own chaotic personal life, which is heading into a romantic tailspin.

First there’s sexy warlock Rand, the love of her life, from whom Jolie is hiding a devastating secret. Then there’s Sinjin, a darkly seductive vampire and Jolie’s sworn protector—though others suspect he harbors ulterior motives. As the two polar opposite yet magnetic men vie for Jolie’s affection, she must keep her wits about her to balance affairs of state and affairs of her heart. Overwhelmed, under pressure, and longing for love, Jolie decides it’s time to take charge—and show everyone that this queen won’t take jack.

Witchful Thinging by H.P. Mallory is the third book in the Jolie Wilkins series, but seeing as how I received it from goodreads before the release date, and had never read the first two in the series, it could also work as a stand-alone novel. Jolie is a sassy new age witch with the power to see auras and raise the dead…..yep, I said it, she can bring you back to life; So if you need a new friend, I suggest calling up Jolie!

After an all-out war with Bella, a powerful witch who wants the title of Queen, and her underworld groupies, Jolie was glad to be on the winning side…..but now she has been crowned Queen of the Underworld and it’s not exactly a title she wants. Jolie has just gotten back from the past where she visited the year 1878 and brought back The Prophetess, another powerful witch, who explains to Jolie becoming Queen is not a choice, it’s her destiny.

Now that she has no choice in the matter, Jolie must struggle with being Queen as well as keeping a hugh secret from her heart throb love Rand, a warlock, who doesn’t like her new position. Rand and Jolie’s relationship has never been easy and now to top it off there is Sinjin, the ancient vampire who is sworn to protect her.

Mallory had created a book that is light, fun, and interesting as well as drama filled and suspenseful. The book is packed full of my favorite paranormal beings…vampires, witches, warlocks, fairies, but with twist all her own. My favorite aspect of warlocks is their ability to “Bond” with someone they love. They can only bond with one person and when their sole mate dies, so do they. I found the whole concept terribly romantic :) All the characters Mallory has created are funny and full of spunk…someone you would want to go on a girl’s night with, and laugh with all day! The beginning of the book contains diary entries by Jolie to get the reader caught up on the story line, so new readers, never fear!

The ending of this fabulous book will leave you wanting more and I am so excited I found a new author to look out for! Go grab this series today and be prepared to laugh your butt off :)
I would probably describe this cover as Cute, not the most creative but not boring either. I love the cartoony Jolie and the covers remind me very much of  Tate Hallaway's Garnet Lacey series covers. I would give this cover a B+
I recommend this book to Paranormal Romance lovers ages 17+. If you like this book I would check out the other books in the series or try MaryJanice Davidson's Undead Series.

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carly said...

Great review Cass. I really love the sound of Witchful Thinking & you have now fuelled my interest. I am now away to check it out. -Carly @ Fiction Fascination :)

Jen said...

You are right the cover is not amazing but it definitely cute. I'm intrigued now

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Braine @ Talk Supe said...

HP Mallory is on top of my to-read list! Glad this book is another hit.

FABR Steph said...

I really have to start these books. Thanks for the great review.