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Author Guest Post and Giveaway! WiSpY by Rob Andrews

I am delighted to welcome author Rob Andrews for an author Guest Post today! This is part of a double Sci-fi Tour, Rob Andrews's WiSpY and Tim Andrewartha's Vitality (which will be on the 28th). Read after Rob's Guest Post for your chance to win WiSpY for yourself!

Guest Post

By Rob Andrews
So, I wrote a book about a blogger.

I Tweet.

I facebook.

I sometimes face palm.

But I do not currently blog.

My publisher told me “On a guest post, you can write what you want.”

This did not exactly constitute a path of enlightenment for me!

Why am I here? No, not THAT question, I mean here on this fabulous website?

 I’m here because of my book, WiSpY. This is the aforementioned book about a blogger and in that book; nineteen year old Adam (he has no last name) is warned by his critically ill best friend Tony about the potential perils of blogging...

“Man, you have to say something every day," he'd said, "and I mean something people want to hear. Otherwise you’re wasting everyone’s time and no one will read you. I don’t think you can handle the pressure, bro’.”

So what can I tell you that you might want to hear?

Well, there’s the book itself, a young adult paranormal romance following the first person adventures of Adam as he encounters a spirit with a hidden agenda. He’s only nineteen and she happens to be beautiful, a mind reader and capable of seeing the future. What 19 year old could resist?

Chasing that possible relationship takes Adam places he never dreamed existed.
In that way, the story rather parallels my daily experience as a writer.

I am no Stephen King, Dan Brown or JK Rowling. My book sales do not number in the millions (maybe after this blog…) and I am not yet number anything on any best seller list anywhere.

But I have an addiction …

Writing the book, which I did hard on the heels of devouring a stack of popular YA fiction and under the hardened eye of my two daughters, conveniently placed at either end of the YA spectrum at 13 and 20, was a great deal of fun. Writing books is a tremendous amount of fun for me and my addiction arises from that.
You see, I am addicted to the character dance …

Hey, admitting there is a problem is the first step.

When WiSpY was under construction, the characters revealed themselves slowly but surely as I wrote, adding flesh and other bits to the skeleton I had prepared to guide me through the story. As they are often wont to do, they did and said things I wasn’t expecting and that sometimes took the lot of us off down some paths we hadn’t known existed, much less expected to ever tread. This is the dance and for me, that is the magic of writing and why, even though WiSpY is my first published novel, it was the second I had completed and now has a third for company! The other two are not YA and are darker tales that I am waiting a few years to try and publish. There is to be a third in that series but it too waits in the shadows for now. So was that enough?


I am currently dancing with a new set of characters and settings writing my fourth novel, which is the first of a young adult series that may go fourteen books! I suppose of all the addictions life has to offer, writing is a pretty good one to have :)

And incidentally, first steps notwithstanding, there is no known cure.

Thank Goodness …
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Want more? Get more information and ALL the ways to buy WiSpY Here

Title: WiSpY
Author: Rob Andrews
Genres: YA, Sci-Fi
A young blogger has the ultimate on-line encounter; a spirit partner who introduces him to a world he must master to save his own. A ghost in the machine?
Adam is a 19 year old blogger who lives in his mother's basement and who is dealing with a critically ill friend. A simple reply to a blog fan e-mail begins a relationship with Pretoria, a beautiful and mysterious young woman. Pretoria guides him into 'the Realm', a spirit world where he discovers he is a powerful force for the protection and survival of human kind. As Pretoria reintroduces Adam to the Realm and his place in it, he realizes that she is not only trying to reclaim him for the sake of humanity, but also for the spirit world and herself. Facing a powerful evil, Adam re-engages with the Realm in order to save his friend and the human world while re-discovering why he had tried to escape it in the first place. As a battle within the Realm reaches its climax, Adam must finally choose between his human and his spirit form, or lose both.

Giveaway Time!

Rob is offering up one eBook copy of his book, WiSpY. Giveaway is US and International. Please fill out the raffle below and Tweet Follow for more entries! You do not have to be a follower of this blog to enter, but as always, it is much appreciated! Good Luck :)

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This sounds neat..thanks for sharing it.

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Awesome post! I love the idea of the main character being a blogger. That's so cool! :)

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I love that you call your followers stalkers :)

Sounds like an interesting book, reminds me of that episode Malcolm in season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Charismatic demon in the computer.


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