Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Author Guest Post-Who Needs Work? Silver Knight by Caron Rider

I am delighted to Welcome Caron Rider, Author of Silver Knight to Shadow Kisses tonight for a Author Guest Post! Read after Caron's Guest Post to learn more about her Paranormal Romance, Silver Knight!

Guest Post

by Caron Rider

Who Needs Work?
Less than a year ago I was working three jobs: I was a high school history teacher during the day; then in the evening I taught at-risk high school students history; and at night/weekend I taught online high school students history. Plus, I'm a single mom of two kids, three dogs and two cats. I was busy to say the least. Then my dad's health suffered and he had two bouts of going to the emergency room. Now, he lives in the country and the hospital is almost an hour away. So he would call a cousin who lives 45 minutes away to come get him and take him. Total time to get to an emergency room was almost two hours. I didn't like that. So I quit two of my jobs (I still periodically teach online) and moved to rural Missouri to help out. Me and the entire menagerie. I decided it would be worth it to spend the time with him while I can and live off my savings and what I earn teaching online for a while.

I have to say, I love the country. It speaks to my soul like nothing else ever has. So I moved in and went from working outside the home to managing my dad's house, which included remodeling an entire bathroom (total gut job), painting the dining room and kitchen, and laying a new floor in the dining room and kitchen. Plus yard work (I built a greenhouse and a hen house), cooking, cleaning, raising two kids and a father (yes, I lump him with the kids). We also still had/have various animals as well: we're at two dogs and two cats right now; intially we had four dogs and we also had six guineas for a while. Either owls or coyotes got the guineas finally. (I'm getting some more though because they really get rid of the ticks!) And somehow, unbelievably, I still found myself a tad bored, so wrote a novel. Now I'm writing another novel and doing a tremendous amount of marketing for the first book. I barely have a second to myself and my dad asked me today as I handed him his lunch, "When are you going to get a job?"

Thanks for having me today, and until next time,

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Title: Silver Knight
Author: Caron Rider
Genres: Paranormal Romance, YA
When seventeen-year-old Diana recognizes an elderly priest in a video on YouTube, she realizes that reincarnation is real and that she’s been alive before! Every night in her dreams, she relives her past learning that it’s kill or be killed. Now a bishop at the Vatican whom she saved in another life calls on her once more. She is needed to help defeat evil within the catacombs of Rome. But when she arrives in Rome, she meets Alexander – the man of her dreams! Through the centuries she has loved him…betrayed him...been killed by him. Will she give him another chance or this time will she strike first?

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