Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dirty Little Secret Meme-How you write a bad review

Dirty Little Secret is a weekly meme hosted by Under the Covers where they get to know bloggers and readers more intimately by asking them a question hoping to reveal their dirty little secrets.

How do you go about reviewing 1 or 2 star books or books you didn't enjoy?

I normally have a format for reviews. Rating, My Synopsis, My thoughts, My Cover Rating, and lastly, Who I Recommend the book too! So, when I really don't like a book, I still stick with the same format but my heart just isn't in it. The review is never as long and I don't spend as much time on it in general. 

I really hate when I read something I don't like because we, as book reviews, have a passion for books and respect all authors. So its hard when I have to put a bad review out there and basically bash something a person worked so hard on....never fun :(


_yay_ said...

I only include my thoughts abt the cover when I really, REALLY liked it (or the opposite).
Otherwise I don't really see the point (then again,...the irony...I love reading other reviewer's opinion on book covers hehe).
I, too, write my own synopsises (lol is that the correct plural?), because it highlights the facts I found important (not always the ones the official blurb mentiones).
Happy Thursday!
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Ning said...

I agree. However sometimes my negative reviews are usually long because I had to list everything I didn't like. I need to keep it shorter and concise.


Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

carly said...

Great post, Cass. I hate doing a bad review, it's hard to get the wording right without sounding like your bashing the book. Thank goodness it rarely happens to me. -Carly :D