Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Dirty Truth-a Meme for authors! How do you react to bad reviews?

The Dirty Truth: A Meme for Authors
The time has come for Shadow Kisses to host its own meme! I love giving author interviews but I have noticed that a lot of us "review blogger" types tend to shy away from questions that pry too much or talk about the down side of writing. As an aspiring writer myself I know that being an author is not all rainbows and sunshine, so I have designed this meme to focus on those personal questions we never ask authors. The Dirty Truth is a weekly meme where I ask authors one of those personal questions. The meme is posted at the beginning of the week but you can participate all week long, just link up!

Every week I will feature one author and show their answer to the question!
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To Participate:
1. Be an author or writer (you do not have to be published)
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The Dirty Truth

This weeks question:
How do you react to a bad review of one of your books?

This weeks featured Author: Patricia Lynne
Author of Being Human

Answer: I've only had one bad review so far, a two star from a friend on Goodreads. I had been hoping for at least 3 stars because that's not always bad. Anyways, I got through his whole review (which was thorough and he warned me he was critical in all his reviews) and pouted. Then I texted my husband who was with his co-worker and another friend drinking and playing games and asked them to come get me. I pouted a little more privately to a few people while waiting for hubby to come get me. Showed him the review before heading back over to his co-worker's place where I got drunk. Not insanely drunk, but nice and happy drunk where I no longer cared about the two star review. It worked out pretty good because when I woke up sober the next day, all my pouting and sadness over the review had been purged and I looked at the two stars more like a badge of honor. All authors get bad reviews and I was proud of my first one.

To read more about Patricia and her books, visit Here

I was lucky enough to read Patricia's book, Being Human and LOVED it. No two star review for me :) I gave it 5 out of 5! Read my review and an interview with Partricia Here

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Patricia Lynne said...

Thanks for letting me be the featured author, Cass. I loved seeing the questions and picking one to answer. So much fun. (also, I still squee a little everytime I see my ad on your blog. lol)

Samantha Steele said...

This is a great idea! Call me conceited, but I just LOVE interviews... nice blog :)