Thursday, April 5, 2012

Release Day Celebration! Chocolate Aftertaste Guest Post and Giveaway!

Congratulations to author Liz Grace Davis for her release of her new book, Chocolate Aftertaste! Read after her fabulous guest post to find out more about the author and enter to win a eBook Copy :)

Chocolate Aftertaste: Behind the Curtain

Thank you so much Cassie for having me and allowing me to introduce readers to my new contemporary romance novel, Chocolate Aftertaste.

A few people have asked me how I came up with the title. To tell you the truth, I don't really know. It just popped into my head and then I thought of a story to go with it. In the book, Nora, my main character escapes to Deara (a fictional town) leaving behind her wealthy lifestyle and her controlling father. This town is well known for producing some of the best chocolate in Ireland. Therefore, the chocolate in the title represents Dreara. Aftertaste represents the consequences of the choices Nora made while living in Dreara, good and bad. This brings us to what Chocolate Aftertaste is all about, the choices we make every day, hour, minute, second.

We sometimes forget just how much power we hold in our hands, the power to choose. This morning when the alarm rang, I chose whether to listen to it and get out of bed (I pressed snooze five times). Since I was spending all day at home, I chose whether to change into my jeans and a T-shirt or stay in my pajamas. I chose what to eat for breakfast or if I should even have breakfast at all (I’m not a breakfast person). For lunch, I chose whether to eat a proper meal or go for junk food. For the rest of the day I chose, I chose, I chose. I made so many choices it was hard to keep track or remember.

I wrote this novel because I believe that in order to be in control of our own lives, we should be aware of the choices we make. There are some people who think they don't have the power to choose. But we all have that power. Even when we don't choose, we still do. It simply means we probably made the choice to give someone else the power to choose for us.

That’s what Nora did. She gave the power to her father, who then started controlling her life. He became the man behind the wheel of her life. For years Nora let him. Until she reached a point where she decided it was time to take back the power to make her own decisions. She decided to get back behind the wheel. Where the journey takes Nora and how many more choices she would have to make on the path to happiness and hopefully love, you'll have to read Chocolate Aftertaste. The novel is currently available for purchase on Amazon and Smashwords.

Title: Chocolate Aftertaste
Author: Liz Grace Davis
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Amazon * Smashwords *
At her pre-wedding dinner, Nora Darkin, the daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur, discovers her fiancé is not the man she thought he was. As her father hoists his glass to toast them, she makes an announcement: there will be no wedding to her father's right-hand man.

Due to the fresh rift driven between her and her father, Nora escapes to the quaint town of Dreara. Determined to live her life her own way, she makes new friends and pursues her lifelong desire of becoming a chef. Ethan Danes, a neighbour with his own broken heart, helps soothe hers.

Just as Nora discovers what it means to be happy, and she begins to fall in love with Ethan, a woman from his past re-enters his life…

Chocolate Aftertaste
Short Excerpt

The crumpled sheets sighed as Nora swept them to one side and got out of bed, wincing when her feet touched the cold wooden floor. She curled a blanket over her satin nightdress and pushed open the windows.
The rain-washed air was crisp, cool, and exhilarating. It smelled of wild Irish flowers and a faint aroma of baked bread. It felt good to be here, to be alive.

Nora mused to herself as she looked out. She had come here looking to find herself, and happiness—and she’d never really known what that was. Maybe happiness was one of those things one found when they stopped searching. Being happy could be waking in the morning to the sound of birds chirping, knowing in her heart that she had made the right choices for that day. Maybe it was standing barefoot in her bedroom, watching weak light streaming through the soft curtains and listening to the sound of the fridge humming downstairs. If that was the true definition of happiness, then right now, at this moment at least, she was happy.

About the Author

Liz Grace Davis is a Namibian author. She grew up in Angola, Namibia, South Africa and Germany. She now lives with her husband in Vienna, Austria. Growing up, Liz spent most of her days in school libraries, diving into the world of books. In her spare time she loves to travel as well as creating jewelry and digital scrapbooks. She's in her element when she is doing anything that requires creativity. Liz is the author of a young adult fantasy novel, Tangi's Teardrops and a contemporary romance novel, Chocolate Aftertaste.

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Nikoleta said...

Loved the civer!!!Good luck to u all!!!

Denise Z said...

Chocolate Aftertaste sounds like a yummy read. Sometimes we need a read where she gets back her own :) Thank you for taking the time to share with us and for the lovely giveaway opportunity.

Liz Davis said...

Thank you Nikoleta and Denise for coming to take a look.
Thanks so much, Cassie, for hosting me.