Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review: Grounded! Angel-In-Training by Shel Delisle

Title: Grounded!
Author: Shel Delisle
Series: Angel-In-Training 
Genre(s): Young Adult, Paranormal- Angel
My Rating:
Angel In Training Grace Lightbourne is on cloud nine after receiving her halo only to learn she won't be returning to Earth anytime soon because of a Guardian downsizing. She’d hoped that her “apprenticeship” meant she was done with Angel School, but now she’s forced to return to her classes. So, it comes as no surprise when she's called to Archangel Michael's office for speaking her mind. It simply means another detention to be served. Instead, she's blessed with a miracle, an opportunity to take a new Assignment in New York City. With only one Mission behind her, can Grace resist the temptations of The Big Apple? Grounded!, the second book in the lighthearted Angel in Training series, features your favorite characters from Winging It!—Mercy, Faith, Aisha, and, of course, Victor—all supporting Grace as she continues her quest for wings.
My reaction of the first book in this series was, CUTE! Well guess what? Angel in training, Grace Lightbourne is still the cutest angel on the cloud!

Grounded! is the second book in the Angel-In-Training series by Shel Delisle, and I am not disappointed! We follow Grace back to earth on her second mission as a Guardian. This time she is in the Big Apple and there is so much for her to see and learn. When she arrives, she realizes to her delight that the uber hot Guardian, Victor is working close by, so they will get to spend lots of time together. Even though angels are not supposed to have relationships, she has a hard time resisting Victor....I would too :)

Grace is really witty and you find yourself literally having those "Laugh out Loud" moments. I think my absolute favorite part about this book is learning more about the different quadrants of heaven. There are many stories about angels out there now, so my favorite parts are seeing the additions the author puts in to make each different from the other. Shel does a great job of this by describing the Heaven Grace lives in and even the convos Grace has with the big man himself. 

Another part I liked was when Grace would stand up for Guardians and explain her problem with the Angel Hierarchy. Guardians are at the bottom of the hierarchy, but Grace feels working with humans is the most meaningful and she lets everyone know it!

This book really is great for your Tween/Young Adult. There are many issues addressed that all teens experience (friendship trouble, crushes, even the dreaded studying) and once again Shel does a great job of putting herself in a young adults situation. The "Voice" of the book is right on the mark!

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I am very excited that the model on the second cover seems to be the same as the one on the first, because I thought she "captured" what I imagine Grace would look like so well. The cover is clean and the text is easy to read. All in all I give this cover an A.
I recommend this book to YA paranormal lovers with a thing for Angel reads. This would be a great book for both a parent and child to read together and share their opinions. It's an easy read so go ahead and add it to your reading list. If you like this series, I suggest trying Delisle's other book, Dolphin Girl

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