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Local Author Review: White Horse Regressions

Title: White Horse Regressions 
Series: (Glen Wiley Mystery #2)
Author: Steve Lindahl
Genre(s): Mystery, Historical Fiction 
The soul is eternal, and no more so than in Steve Lindahl's White Horse Regressions. It's the story of a group of individuals destined to share their lives with one another throughout time, be it in ancient China during the Han dynasty, in 19th century London during Jack the Ripper's reign of terror or in a small town rocked by murder in present-day Vermont.

It's been almost a year since Hannah Hersman's girlfriend was killed and the police still have no leads, no suspects and no one in custody. Undeterred and longing for closure, Hannah calls in Glen Wiley, a renowned hypnotist, as a last resort. Glen quickly discovers that in a past life Hannah was a prostitute in Victorian London named Rose and her girlfriend was Annie Chapman, a victim of Jack the Ripper. In fact, many of Hannah's friends and acquaintances were similarly connected to her, not just in then London but in multiple lives and multiple places throughout history. And, in all these incarnations, their existence is tied to a murderous plot that Hannah and Glen must uncover to ensure their future lives can avoid the pain and misery of losing their loved ones.

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Most of you don't know this (because I just started this year) but I run a small business called Gravel Road Tees! This is my new adventure in life and to get the word out there, I have been going to Pop-Up shows and local events selling my tees. While I was at one of these shows in Greensboro, NC I was lucky enough to meet local author, Steve Lindahl. It was a cold evening but he was toughing it out with the other vendors and promoting his Glen Wiley Mystery books. I picked up a copy of his most resent book, White Horse Regression, and agreed to review it for him, and I'm so glad I did! Note: You do not have to read these books in order.

    There are some very interesting concepts happening in White Horse Regressions, one of which being reincarnation. Hannah's girlfriend has recently been murdered and in an attempt to find her killer and gain closure, she hires Glen Wiley, who uses hypnotism to uncover past reincarnations. The thought being that souls tend to relive similar situations, thus helping to uncover their current lives mysteries.

    This book played on many topics that I personally find interesting. First, I have always wanted to know more about hypnotism and if truly works. While that is up to yourself to decide, it is a fun way to "realistically" travel back in time for plot purposes.  Second, I have always been open to the thought of reincarnation and the romanticism of souls finding each other over many life times. I also find Jack the Ripper to be a fascinating case, and have read books focusing on serial killers.

    While this book seems tailored to me, it also has well formed characters, an interesting story line, and enough mystery to keep anyone entertained. Steve's Glen Wiley series is definitely an undiscovered gem, that is well worth the read. I am very happy to get to review this local author and look forward to more of his books.

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About the Author

Steve Lindahl has published short fiction in Space and Time, The Alaska Quarterly, The Wisconsin Review, Eclipse, Ellipsis and Red Wheelbarrow. He served for five years as an associate editor on the staff of The Crescent Review, a literary magazine he co-founded. His formal education was in Theater Arts, so it is natural that his writing began with plays. Two of his works were produced at Drew University while he was a student there. He still enjoys acting and has had numerous roles in both professional and amateur productions. His theater background has helped nurture a love for intricate characters in complex situations that is evident in his writing.

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