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REVIEW UPDATE: Because of my school and work schedule, I am currently not doing blog reviews, but am still willing to read selected books and offer reviews on sites such as Amazon, and Goodreads.

Hello Authors,

Shadow Kisses is a blog dedicated to reviewing great fiction and finding new and talented authors to spread the word about! I am an avid reader and encourage authors and publishers to contact me to read and review your books. I am always delighted to read a good book, and would love if you would consider me for your next blog tour. I also offer the option of doing a guest post or giveaway to help grow your audience and promote your book.

What genres I read:
Paranormal Romance
Young Adult
Historical Fiction
Mythology/ Astrology

Shadow Kisses Accepts the following formats:
Printed Copies
  • ePub
  • PDF
  • Smashwords Coupon Code
  • Amazon Gift
My preferred form of review copies are printed/hard copies. Please contact me to receive my shipping address.

What to expect in a review from me: I include the Title and Author of the book, a few facts about the book (publisher, # of pages, genre, ect..), a synopsis of the book, my thoughts on the book and cover, and who I recommend the book too.

Always expect an honest review!

Reviews will be posted on:
Barnes & Noble
Smashwords (if review copy received through smashwords)
and may be posted on (depending on genre):

Links to reviews will be posted on my Twitter, Shadow Kisses Facebook Fan Page, and my Personal Facebook Page....

If you want me to review your book I would be ecstatic if you would be willing to do an interview or guest post to include in the post as well!

You can email me Here
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You can also contact me on one of my many pages using the follow buttons in the top right hand corner of the page :)

Site Disclaimer
This bog is a non-profit site. If any money is generated, I will apply it to any maintenance costs of this blog. In accordance with FTC guidelines, I do not accept any monetary compensation or gifts for the reviews I provide and I am not employed by any publisher or author. The reviews on the blog purely reflect my opinions of the books I have read. In addition, publishers and/or authors are not paying me to read and review the books posted on my blog. I do this for the unadulterated enjoyment of it.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Never stop reading….